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Some of our out-of-the-box products for various platforms:

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VACAY is a smart vacation planning ASP.NET MVC application written in C# for organizations with a large set of shift work employees and complicated schedules.

VACAY employs an innovative vacation planning process in an out-of-the-box system that's quick and easy to configure and deploy. More...

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Based on the Coloroid colour system, this app attempts to harmonize the colour palette of photos and match colours to find the most visually appealing colour combinations. Try Coloroid

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Track students from enrollment to graduation.

Acquire LMS is a light-weight but powerful learning management system that manages students, tests, course content and more.

Contact us to learn more about Acquire LMS.

About Ibrius Inc.

Ibrius Inc. is a software development company located in Victoria, BC, Canada.

We build software solutions for large and small businesses, and we use some of our profits to fund apps for artists, and non-profit organizations.

Ibrius Inc.'s core team consists of Marina Ibrishimova and Byron J. Matus. We also work with a number of highly-skilled and trusted freelancers.

Ibrius was founded in 2009 by Marina Ibrishimova, who started building software solutions for businesses in Alberta, Canada while still attending the University of Alberta where she received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences: Computer Science, Mathematics, & Statistics in 2011 and subsequently moved to Victoria, BC, Canada.

Byron joined Ibrius Inc. in 2010 first as a content creator and later as a web developer. He is fluent in several scripting languages, and a few human languages as well. He received a Bachelor of Arts in German and Linguistics from the University of Alberta in 2010. Byron was born and raised in Edmonton, AB but he is now enjoying the mild winters of Victoria, BC.


VACAY Enterprise Released

The most powerful and versatile employee vacation scheduling system on the market was released. It ensures better employee participation through a new patent pending process.

Mar 2016

VACAY Employee Vacation Scheduling

VACAY is licensed to Vancouver Island Health Authority

Aug 2015

Acquire Learning Management System

Justisse College is launched and it is running a custom version of our learning management system.

Nov 2014

VACAY Released

The first version of VACAY, our out-of-the-box employee vacation scheduling software is released. It features a sophisticated rule engine that offers scheduling administrators total control over running a vacation planning session.

Read moreAugust 2014

Coloroid Pro Launched

Our photo editing app Coloroid Pro is released on Firefox Marketplace for Firefox OS #foxyeah.

As the creator of Coloroid Pro Marina gets interviewed for the Firefox Marketplace Blog a few months later.

Read more Jan 2014


Marina and Byron team up with two other engineers and cook up an app that estimates how noisy a given location is based on data from Bing at ReactJS Hackathon in Seattle.

Go To AppSep 2013


Ibrius wins Best Open Graph app at Facebook Developers World Hack Vancouver for FamCheck.
Famcheck grabs severe weather warning data and allows people within a social network in different time zones to alert each other if a violent natural event is likely to occur before it actually occurs using Twilio API.

Sep 2012

Ibrius POS

The Ibrius Point of Sale System is released and a custom version of it is installed at Healthworks Vitamins.

Sep 2011

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